Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Celery chutney where did i get this this thought of making chutney with celery.....I brought this celery home in the intension of making some salad which i never did and the clelery was laying down for a while and I wanted to use it....That is when this recipe of clelery tokku striked in my mind which i saw some where a year ago.But I have failed to note the recipe that i have used lil' bit of my imagination n made this chutney which turned out quite here goes the recipe..
celery:3stalks(cut in to 1inch pieces)
corriander seeds:1/2 tbsp
Dry red chillis:6nos.(depends on your spice level)
tamarind paste:wee bit of it
Salt:to taste
Procedure:Heat half of the oil in a pan and add chlliesand corriender seeds and roast it and keep it aside.
In the same pan add rest of the oil and cook celery until it becomes soft and changes its colour(becomes lil'bit pale).
Let it cool and drind it into a corse past by adding tamarind and salt.Enjoy it with rice and ghee(clarified butter).

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