Thursday, January 17, 2008


As im trying to add healthy food in to my diet...i wanted to try oats as it has high fiber and it helps to reduce i brought oats home about 2weeks back with out a clue of making anything tasty out of it.After little bit of googeling i found some recipies which i thought i could give a try this upma and cookies are there in my list.So this time i tried my hand on making upma and i felt happy for doing this.this is the same usual upma procedure i have followed with some veggies.
Oats:2cups(Roast them for 2to 3 min)
Mixed vegetables:1cup(i used carrot,beans,capsicum)
Green chillis:2nos
Curry leaves:7nos
For seasoning:mustard seeds,jeera,uraddal
Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds,uraddal,jeera amd let it splatter and add curryleaves.
Add onions,tomatos,vegetables,chills add water to it.
Once water boils add the roast oats and cook it until it is done.
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anu said...

this looks yum.....thanks for sharing the recipe,...sure ought to give it a try:)

chandana said...

yeah give it a shot,thank u anu.